An Inside Look at the Process from a Homeowner’s Perspective

House number to a name

I’ve always loved homes with quaint cottage names that match their cozy personalities. My plain house number seemed cold and impersonal by comparison. I envied neighbors whose Castles, Briar Roses, and Wisteria Cottages better reflected the warmth within.

After living in “304” for over a decade, I decided it was time to finally give my place an endearing name while legally retaining the ability to use its number.

can i change my house number to a name

Steps to Change Home Number

The first step was approaching my local council’s street naming authority to inquire about the requirements for registering a house name in my area. They provided guidelines the main one being my desired name couldn’t duplicate any nearby.

I brainstormed ideas, double-checked the name wasn’t already assigned locally, and then completed the council’s paperwork for review.

They handled contacting the Royal Mail for additional verification, making the bureaucratic process quite smooth.

House Name Impact in Emergencies

While Ahora, my home, can proudly boast a charming cottage name reflecting its cozy style, the council reminded me that prominently displaying the original house number remains mandatory.

As identification in emergencies, first responders would still rely on seeing the property number clearly marked.

I ensured the new custom name plaque didn’t obscure the key house number location.

can i change my house number to a name

Updating Organizations with Both Identifiers

Legally changing a house’s numeric identity to a poetic title requires notifying all relevant public and private entities.

I updated my address details with the Land Registry, mortgage company, utility providers, and more – taking care to list both the new name and original house number wherever applicable.

Even with an official cottage moniker, many forms and databases still require the original identifying house number assigned to my address.

It took time and mild fees to officially give my house a warm personality makeover through a custom name reflecting its charm. But hearing friends affectionately refer to my home by its new endearing title makes it well worth the effort. I’m delighted homeowners like me have options for infusing cozy cottage characters into numbered houses through this civic name registration process.