Home Is Where Your Story Begins

You are cordially invited to register the unique name you have chosen for your home with the National Home Registry® or choose and register a home name for the first time.

Hamptons Home Names: Register Your Personalized Legacy


The practice of naming a home goes back centuries.

Happiness, love, and security should fill our minds when we think about our homes. Your primary asset is your house. Your personality and hobbies are reflected in it. It embraces everything you hold dear – family, loved ones, close friends, special times.

Your home is one of the only places you can truly call your own, year in and year out.

Our Special Promise

The National Home Registry® will not include the same name twice in any one state within our registry.


Recently Registered Homes

People have registered their homes with National Home Registry® for the past 20 years, and the registry ensures that no two residences in the same state can register under the same name.


impromptu national home registry
Endless Summer
Red Fox Lodge
live life to the fullest national home registry
Live Life To The Fullest
laceum pecuniae national home registry
Laceum Pecuniae
nhr homes 002
Sunset Paradise
cs the day national home registry
C's the Day
nhr homes 003
Let The Good Times Roll
nhr homes 004
nhr homes 005
Rose Cottage
tres marineros national home registry
Tres Marineros
wits end national home registry 1
Wits End

Gift A Home Name With

Naming your house is a great way to define identity, add character, and show affection for that place we call home!

Send someone you love the gift of their home name.

Naming a home is no easy task.
We make registering easy.